About Us

Best friends, life partners and co-everything. ❤ We make cookies. Really good cookies. Baking has offered us healing and joy, and in pouring ourselves into this craft, we hope to heal others and offer that joy to everyone we serve.

Our cookies have a beautiful simplicity. They are not stuffed or decorated. They just taste good. They are not fancy but they are BIG and soft and fresh and for a moment they make you forget the world and bring you back to the simple, easy things in life. Cookies are for sitting with some milk and cartoons or with beer and a good conversation. For grabbing a break with a co-worker or for slowing down on a Sunday afternoon, and watching the sunset from the front porch. Cookies are for gifting friends who could use some joy in their life or maybe for the neighbor you know is lonely. Cookies represent love and the breaking of bread (or in our case, cookie). We truly believe that cookies and the joy they bring can change the world and it starts with us.

What better way to bring that joy? 18 Flavors made with the highest quality ingredients. There is something for everyone! From the Classic Chocolate Chip to the Maple Bacon Molasses to the more adventurous Double Chocolate Jalapeño. 🌶️ We have gluten-free options and more than willing to work with those who have restricted diets. You will find what you are looking for and you will find it consistently. We got you.

– Fresh Spices & Herbs (and REAL bacon)
– Butter only / Never lard or oil
– No artificial flavors 
– ServSafe® Certified